Giving Roses Nomination

Nomination Guidelines

  • Naomi’s Love “Giving Roses” program was developed to pay homage to our community & family “senior” heroes.  
  • The “Giving Roses” honorees are determined by Naomi’s Love management and selections are at their discretion.  All “GR” honorees are highlighted for 1 month and within a 12 month rolling time period.
  • All “GR” honorees are selected & notified one month in advanced of the upcoming monthly honors. The honoree/contact person must complete a Publication Consent Release form (PCR) within 1 week of notification of honoree status. The PCR form grants Naomi’s Love management permission to publish honoree’s information & any photos given into the NL brochures and/or website ( If the PCR form isn’t received within the PCR deadline, then all pending monthly commitments are deemed invalid and the honoree’s rights are forfeited for the “Giving Roses” spotlight.
  • IMPORTANT…..Contact information must be provided with every pending “GR” nomination and accessible. If Naomi’s Love management can NOT reach the contact person’s phone number, then NL management WILL deem the pending “GR” honoree selection “Invalid due to non-compliance of verification/consent process”. 

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