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Humble Beginnings...

Dba Naomi’s Love Transportation Services was created as a non-emergency mobility transportation company (NEMT) specializing in assisting senior consumers and disadvantaged families in arranging transportation services for everyday activities. After discovering difficulties in acquiring mobility services for our loved ones, we wanted to create solutions to address the limited transport accessibility.  Now with 2 years of business operations, Naomi’s Love Transportation Services has become a valuable service resource within the Piedmont communities and continue to build strong business partnerships in the healthcare industry.

C.W. Transport Group LLC has a vision of “Building Bridges in Mobility” to aid consumers and business organizations in the transportation industry and Naomi’s Love is the first phase of that vision.  Naomi’s Love mission is to serve consumers with efficiency, customer service excellence, and NL “Duty of Care” standards, which demonstrates our commitment of  “In love, We serve”.

Ruth Carmichael, Chief Executive

Ruth Carmichael
Naomi's Love Visionary, C.W. Transport Group LLC and Careed Accounting Services Entrepreneur

Starting with a God inspired vision to serve families, loved ones, and neighbors, dba Naomi’s Love Transportation Services was created as a “helping hand” within the transportation and healthcare industries.  At some point in life, all families will need to assist someone with transportation care to medical appointments, family events, and/or everyday activities.  Our loved ones (young & seasoned) deserve the best quality care, support, and resources to perform their daily functions and healthcare concerns.  C.W. Transport Group, LLC main focus is on the growing challenges for consumers and organizations within the transportation industry.  Our mission is to provide solutions to maintain industry demands, provide on-time performance, and utilize the latest technology advancements.

With 27 years of business leadership in the retail industry, Ruth understands the importance of communication, conflict resolution, and professionalism within a business organization.  Also, these top attributes can assist consumers when determining quality products and services within a business.  During her career in retail management, Ruth achieved company success by reaching revenue profits over $3.5m at various Big Lots store locations (High Point, Greensboro, & Burlington), managed adequate staffing of 20-30 employees, and implemented the Store of the Future projects in the following store locations:  NC (2018 – Salisbury and Winston Salem), TN (2019 – Oak Ridge), and KY (2019 – Sterling). 

As a Senior tax preparer for the past 11 years, Ruth owns and operations Careed Accounting Services, which specializes in tax preparation, bookkeeping, budget consultations, and notary services within NC for consumers and small businesses.  Careed Accounting Services provides consumers with financial tools to gain better ideals of money management, understand the importance of budgeting & saving, and “bridge the gap” of generational wealth for disadvantaged households.

My life’s purpose is to serve people and communities to the best of my ability and showcase Jehovah’s “light” within my life, career, and footprints of service.  My “retirement” from the retail industry allowed me to explore a new career journey in transportation and still continue to showcase HIS “light” as a community resource to others.  By being diligent in my purpose, Naomi’s Love tagline, where “…thy people shall be my people,…” Ruth 1:16 (KJV) will always hold true within our communities.

Naomi’s Love Transportation Services

C.W. Transport Group, LLC Memberships and Certifications

Community Transportation Association of America
minority and women owned business enterprise
Small Business Enterprise
Greensboro Chamber of Commerce
North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority
National Association for the Self Employed
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