“Giving Roses” Spotlight...

Giving Roses... Giving Love

“Giving Roses” was created to honor our “village” supporters and unsung loved ones that pour positivity into our circles.  Some circles are small and some extend for miles, however, the same is evident… God’s love is given to all.

We have many roles, positions, jobs, responsibilities, however, one great commandment… LOVE your neighbor as yourself.  Now, the word “neighbor” means a magnitude of different people not just your physical neighbor.   Every moment, we come in contact with different neighbors because of our changing environments.   In today’s times, we have to do better and show more loving kindness to at least 1 “neighbor” every day. Let’s see how the blessings of positivity & kindness can reign in a neighbor’s day.  


Continue to demonstrate how God’s Kingdom will reign in this world. 


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"Giving Roses" Spotlight!

2022 Customer Reviews...

... Such a blessing to our family. I don't know what I would do without you for my dad. You are a very sweet reliable, trustworthy, responsible woman of your word. Once again, I am so happy we chose your company. I pray that God will continue to bless and expand your business as he sees fit! God bless always.

Lynette & David Johnson

... Thank you for the service for my mother, Betty, but even more so for your kindness, compassion, and grace. I could not appreciate it more.


... NL Care team is amazing! Ruth and Ray have a heart of gold and so kind. Thank you so much!

The Carpenter Family

We LOVE Naomi's Love!!!

... The care & service we are provided while going to & from appointments is amazing! We will use this company for all our transportation needs! Thank you Naomi's Love.

The Hadfield Family

Good Service!!!!

... My driver was very nice, polite, and kind during my trip. I had a great time with her.

Mrs. Mary

Naomi's Love is an absolute blessing to our family. We have a child with special needs who needs transportation to school daily due to our work schedules. Ms. Ruth takes wonderful care of him.

The Cranford Family

... Thank you for contributing to our 2nd Annual Fiery Festival Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Awareness Event. We appreciate your support & cooperation in making this 2022 event a success. Together we can continue to bring awareness and education to help save lives in the disability communities.

The Staff of the Disability Advocacy Center

Excellent Service and Wonderful Staff...

... Naomi's Love provides quality care and compassion during all my trips. Ms. Ruth is so kind and made sure that I was still able to visit with my family during the holidays after unforeseen things (address change at last minute). Ms. Ruth truly cares about her customers. Thank you Naomi's Love.

Mr. Glenn

Community Spotlight

  • Get your COVID vaccination to help slow the spread of this disease. It’s not eradicated, so please stay MASKED UP and get your BOOSTERS!
  • Stay home if sick or high fever and get tested soon as possible.  Make sure to obtain some home tests.
  • Maintain 6ft distance between yourself and others to ensure safe surroundings. ASK for your space if needed!
  • COVID vaccinations are available at participating pharmacies, health providers, and designated clinics. Guard yourself and help others by slowing the spread of this virus & variants. Be diligent in protecting YOUR health and loved ones.

Naomi's Love Transportation Services

Office hours:  7 am – 5 pm (Mon – Thurs); 7 am – 12 pm (Friday)
Transportation Service hours:  5 am – 8 pm (Mon – Fri).

Available weekends, holidays, and after-hour discharges per request.
Phone:  (336) 202-1325